Together For Progress

Together for Progress (TFP) is a registered Swedish NGO, with its seat in Skarpn├Ąck, Stockholm but with members from different municipalities from within the County of Stockholm. Today TFP has about 45 members, both men and women; young and old; and aged between 7-63 years. Although our members come from different educational and cultural backgrounds with a variety of working experiences they too have like in most organizations, some common interests. These interests unite them and give them the possibility to exchange ideas, for self-progress as well as community progress.


Together for Progress was originally formed on February 23rd, 2002 by a group of five who had gathered for a brainstorming discussion. In that meeting the need for a united front was expressed and as a result an organisation was formed that evening. Those five agreed on the same goal: “To make better achievements from life by applying thy potentials to the maximum instead of being just contented with the present situation”.

Shortly after the first meeting new members were recruited. Nearly a year later, the first copy of the constitution was published, but the final copy that led to the official registration of Together for Progress as an NGO was from March 2003.


The main aim of the organisation is to encourage members to expand their overall knowledge and understanding in order to promote their integration in the Swedish society.

Making use of their global knowledge for self-development and sharing it with others, for a better social and economic life.

To enlighten, educate, inform and involve members in different projects within and outside Sweden.

In order to achieve these goals, there have to be collaboration with other voluntary organisations, both within and outside Sweden.

Swedish NGO with good experience in running charity projects in Africa