Completed Projects

Bulera-Kikandwa HIV/Aids Project I

Between May 2006 and May 2007, Together for Progress in collaboration with National Development Panaceas, efficiently carried out a youth project in Bulera-Kikandwa, Mityana District in central Uganda. This project involved over 400 youths between 12 and 18 years of age, despite the budgeted 200 youths. This arrangement financed by Forum Syd (90%) and TFP (10%) was fully carried out by Nadepa with TFP as a supervisor.

The main objective of the project was to fight against the spread of AIDS, especially among youths in rural areas. This was achieved by dividing the project area into four sub-territories and carrying out different activities on a rotation basis among the groups. Major activities involved were seminars, study circles, dance, drama, music, sports, film and video shows.

On top of all these activities, the same youths were introduced to a poverty-eliminating activity that in actual fact stood outside the budget. Baked in among seminars or study circles the participants were introduced to modern methods of cultivating fruits like mangos and passion fruits. The latter gave yield within six months after planting and could be consumed locally without transportation hinders. This was a great benefit to these youths as many of them used the income to pay school fees and necessary school articles such as uniforms and books.


Bulera-Kikandwa HIV/Aids Project II

After the successful predecessor, TFP and Nadepa, mutually decided to apply for a modified continuation from Forum Syd. In the new arrangement, we decided to lower the minimum age from 12 to 6 after enormous requests from benefactors to include minor siblings in the project. The continuation involved more participants, had a larger budget and duration was two years, from June 2009 to May 2011. Financing and execution were similar to the predecessor, but with more concrete organizing-roles of the youths themselves.

There were requests from the local organisers for continuation even after phase two, but nothing lasts for ever so it was decided to change the course.

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